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Natural Fusion Australia

Romance Massage oil

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A very luxurious massage blend from the base oils to the essential oils, Natural Fusion Australia brings some Love this Valentine's Day!
Bring back the Romance and passion with a good aphrodisiac blend of oils.
Our specially blended Romance Massage oil contails aphrodisiac essential oils-

Rose Geranium

Affects emotional balance and hormonal systems making it great as an everyday pick me up.


A great oil to explore intimacy.  


Soothes away any aches and pains so you can relax more for intimacy


4 Benefits of a Couples Massage

  • Create Intimacy with Your Partner. A couple's massage has a lot of benefits both physically and mentally. ...
  • Lower stress and anxiety. Everyday, your body works hard to release tension. ...
  • Encourage feelings of affection. ...
  • Reset your emotions

Base oil- coconut oil, Hemp seed oil, black seed oil

Essential oils- Rose Geranium, Jasmine, Frankincense