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Natural Fusion Australia

Refrigerator Deodorizing Sterilizer Household Kitchen Ozone Generator Air Purifier Keeping Fresh Rechargeable Deodorant

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Disinfection effect:D>C>E>A>B

Work time: D>C>E>A2>B>A1

Working Principle

Ozone is produced by using oxygen in the air. During the disinfection process, the excess oxygen combines into oxygen molecules after 30 minutes. There is no residue, which solves the problem of secondary pollution caused by the disinfection method of disinfectants. At the same time, it also saves the trouble of cleaning again after disinfection.



【Food preservation】Effectively remove peculiar smell through air reaction and prolong the preservation period of various fruits and vegetables.also has a strong function of removing mildew, fishy, odor and other odors.
【Multifunctional application】Good tolerance & diffusion, thorough sterilization, Suitable for refrigerators, wardrobes, luggage, cabinets, trash cans, toilets, cars, etc.
【Reusable】No consumables and filters, save your time and money!
【USB charging】Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, USB interface can be used with computer or power bank
【Easy to use】One key to start, automatic shutdown.