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Natural Fusion Australia

Natural Supplements

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Natural supplements

Do you need more ENERGY to get through the day?

                Improved mood?

                Less susceptible to distractions? 

                Improved metabolism?

                Feel less stressed?

We've got you covered with our ENERGY capsules


Does your multivitamin contain minerals and trace minerals and does all of below? Well it should! 

Packed with 37 vitamins, minerals + trace minerals, 4 medicinal mushrooms and 2 digestive enzymes, this incredible product has been specifically designed to enhance general health and well being. Like all our supplements CORE is free of toxins, gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, egg, sugar, artificial colours, flavours, GMO's and all the nasties!
Improves immune system function
Supports heart health
Enhances  wellbeing
Antioxidant, reduces free radicals in the body
Supports and maintains brain health
Maintains central nervous system
Maintains teeth enamel
Pre-natal vitamin to prevent neural tube defects  
Helps metabolise glucose
Aids in metabolising sugar 
Aids carbohydrate metabolism
Purchase CORE!