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The ultimate moisturizing BEARD OIL

beard oil is for hydrating your beard to help soften and tame the thick, wiry hairs found in the beard. It acts as a way of conditioning the hair without drying it out, giving it a sleek, groomed look. It's also aimed at taming flyaways to keep your style in line.

Our special formula leaves your beard feeling silky snd smooth while also encouraging growth.

A healthy blood supply is essential for successful facial hair follicle growth, maturation, and maintenance.

Rosemary oil can stimulate blood circulation to the area where it's applied. Better blood circulation means more nutrients are carried to the follicles, helping promote beard growth.

Patchouli grants strength, nourishment, and much needed hydration to growing beards. Patchouli Essential Oil has healing properties with the power to soothe, ease, and relieve various conditions.

Bergamot is also helpful in addressing specific problems like beard growth and itching. You'll love the clean, fresh uplifting fragrance of this beard oil.

HEMP seed oil nourishes and moisturizes, It can jumpstart beard regrowth and keep your skin ultra-hydrated, to fight free radicals and lock in extreme nutrient absorption.

Coconut oil is excellent for the beard as it is a natural material that encourages growth without the need for chemicals while soothing and nourishing beard hair.

Castor oil softens and adds shine to beard hair, and helps to tame any rogue hairs so that the whole beard looks cleaner and more styled. Castor oil has strengthening and nourishing properties, and is known to help stimulate beard growth.


• hemp seed oil

• bergamot essential oil

• Rosemary essential oil

• patchouli essential oil

• castor oil

• coconut oil


Step-by-step application

• Wash your hands and beard thoroughly with warm water

• Take a few drops of beard oil in your palm

• Spread it evenly on your fingers

• Starting from the corners, apply the oil to your beard hair

• Use your fingers to ensure the product reaches the base of your skin

• Massage your beard in the direction of hair growth

• Use more oil if the beard still feels coarse or dry

• Repeat the steps every day for the best results If you are a guy with a naturally dry beard, use the oil as frequently as possible to reduce itching. Similarly, we suggest the same for people living in dry climates.

Aftercare for beard oil- A beard oil is not like a shampoo that needs washing. So, the aftercare is pretty much nothing. However, make sure you massage the oil deep into the roots to get maximum benefits.

A beard brush afterward can be a perfect idea to evenly distribute the product.

How to store-

an essential oil beard oil Sadly, like all other things in the world, these oils are not invincible. So, you’ll have to keep an eye on where you store them (not that they run). If you want your oil to last for at least a couple of weeks without losing its potency, keep it away from sunlight. A cool place away from direct rays and warmth is your cue.  Also, ensure that the storage area is dry and free of moisture.