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Natural Fusion Australia

Aromatherapy children's little helper

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Scent bags for sleep aid or for easing congestion! 

Something safe for children to help ease symptoms the natural way. 

Zero fragrances just natural essential oils. Too often i see products aimed at children that is full of fragrances which are toxic chemicals, this is the last thing our children need when not feeling the best or needing to sleep. Artificial scents affect us way more than we think!  

Sleep eze- Lavender scented aromatherapy
Helps with winding down to a good nights sleep. Lavender essential oil  *safe for babies up

Breathe eze- Eucalyptus and comphor white aromatherapy
Helps ease a congested nose the natural way. Eucalyptus Globulus & Camphor white essential oils     *safe for 2yrs up

Simply place under pillow or close to head area for easy breathing and sleeping! 

When bag starts to lose scent add a few drops of your own essential oils to refresh and reuse!


Ingredients- white rice, brown rice, dried flowers & essential oils